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COMPANY NEWS. Get acquainted to the collections of the new season Spring-Summer 2009. Part 2. Beauty of the fields

14 Января 2009
Caressed by sunny warmth,
Comforted by earth breath,
Fine beauty of fields
Tenderer than spring! More beautiful than summer!

In the hour when the first sun beams touch ground, a new day wakes up, opening embraces to boundless open spaces of fields and meadows, lighting them up with pleasure and magic interlacing of notes in the songs of feathery wanderers. Poetry of new morning is in a drop of dew and whisper of foliage, in charm of field colors and white lace of a tablecloth in tender hands of wind, in fine lines of porcelain on a background of heavenly blue eyes that look afar … Distant spots attracting by beauty of fields, tenderness of spring and romanticism of summer in the country …

Simple, natural and a little bit playful collection Beauty of the fields conquers by thin combination of female charm and fascination of country images. Bouquets from dried flowers and ears of wheat, meadow flowers and primroses, daisies, buttercups, dandelions and camomiles make flower inspiration of the collection. Gentle, light, filled up with the sun, it is represented in white, bright and dark beige tones of delicate linen and canvas, in colour of fresh yellow pollen and vitamin lemonade.

Interiors are decorated by rattan furniture, decorative romantic baskets, enameled utensils and matte glass. Products from, linen and gauze, cords, knots, plaits from wheat ears, weavings from straw and rods. Images of pets, birds, insects. Popularly traditional country creativity: the overstitched cloth edges, rough stitches, buttons, hooks and scallops, embroidery enriched with designing finds and charm of the modernity.

Gift wrapping of the collection Beauty of the fields is joyful, solar, with part of refined simplicity, uses a lot of natural ecological materials: Kraft, cords, jute, grid, sisaflor, raffia, dried flowers, beads that look like natural elements, decorative stones and wooden accessories. Wrapping materials are of the same tones and decorated with woven ribbons with ornaments of field flowers, spotted, squares. Spring gifts are decorated with accessories as rabbits, chickens, bees, and for young and romantic persons – butterflies, dragonflies and decorative birds.