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COMPANY NEWS. Get acquainted to the collections of the new season Spring-Summer 2009. Part 4. Cream passional/Cream feelings

20 Января 2009
I am fascinated by the mystery of yours
And your sweet lips bewitched me,
I am fixed to you by rose chains 
And thin veil of days …
Female sensual images which appear in dreams and reveries, charming music of hearts in a cloud of the fine flower aromas, biscuit-cream taste of desires and sweet luxury of touches … Harmony of pastel colors and luxury of old times … Romantic fairy tale is written by a lacy feather of dawn on pearl sheets of dusks … The way of love leading to the altar is covered with petals of roses and magnolias … 
Delicate, romantic, a little bit strange collection Cream Passionnel/Cream Feelings/ looks like a delightful herbarium composed from white lilies, peonies, roses, magnolias, carnations and hydrangeas. Romanticism of pastel-white colors and shades of grey is underlined by dusty pink and the color of green olives. Ancient laces, atlas cloths, thin paper, soft velvet emphasize charm of the image.
Each detail becomes a work of art. Poetical images of old times find reflection in products from ceramics, porcelain, marble, alabaster and matte glass. In designs of interiors there are surfaces whitewashed by lime, effect of dry brush, complex textures, shells, pearls, transparent crystals, folds, thin wires, paper, silk and multilayered flowers, ribbons. Forms are casual, round, asymmetric; cockleshells and leaflets are used in silhouettes.  
Gift wrapping in Cream Passionnel/Cream Feelings collection is rich in numerous romantic details, among them: butterflies, dragonflies, decorative flowers and stones, sea and wooden accessories, raffia of complecated colors, artificial petals and skeletonized leaves. Soft fabrics and ribbons, lace, silk, chiffon, Malberry paper, nacreous film, beads, paillettes and crystals … Hearts and light birds serve as symbols of special and happy moments of life – weddings or children’s birthdays …