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COMPANY NEWS. Get acquainted with collections of season Autumn-Winter 2009/2010. Part 3. Northern Lights - the Polar Lights

12 Августа 2009
The continuation. The beginning can be read in the News from August, 10-11th, 2009

Northern Lights
The magic crystal has been broken up against ice floes
And by Northern lights has scattered in the  night,
In open snowy spaces the keys were lost
For fairy tales and legends …
The cold landscapes of the Great North, strict lines of icebergs, sharp arrows of pines, sparkling ices, fantastic deer, stalactite caves and boundless white open spaces... A permafrost and Polar lights Kingdom... The calmness of the frozen nature...
The colours range of Northern Lights collection extends in a cold spectrum from dark-blue-grey of midnight up to light grey in the combination with shades of mat silvery and blue. Flower compositions are decorated with prickly blackthorns, branches of silvery birch and fur-tree. Materials are with effect of fragility: rock crystal and quartz, as well as natural – bark and wood covered with metal foil. Fabrics are woollen, furs, felt.
The silhouettes are cast by legends and fairy tales, images of magicians and wizards. Semitone, mysterious game of light and shade. Forms are graphic and organic: crystals, snowflakes, stalactites. Angular, pointed and extended, they are often united with more roundish forms. All of them are unique, as if frosty drawings on glass created by the nature.
Northern Lights Collection is a collection of elegant business New Year's gifts and souvenirs, decorated by metal and woven ribbons with difficult designs, ribbons with beads and spangles of cold shades, pastes, beads, snowflakes and crystals, decorative birds on paper and metal film.
Plyasova Elena
To be continued …

P.S. Ask our managers for video-presentation of the collections