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COMPANY NEWS. Get acquainted with collections of season Autumn-Winter 2009-2010. Part 2. Shimmering Wood - Autumn Wood

11 Августа 2009
The continuation. The beginning can be read in the News from August, 10th, 2009

Northern Lights
You have spilt the Burgundy wine
On a red velvet of leaf fall,
Plaited dream and sorcery of wind
In magnificent attires of woods...

Autumn wood has stood, admiring reflexion in dark depth of lakes... Its magnificent attire change the copper shades in reflexions of the sun... The Generosity of colors amazes our imagination, and abundance of gifts gives rise to pictures of kind family traditions and home holidays in blinking of Christmas candles...

Collection Shimmering Wood is magnificent, rich, elegant, full of poetry and art inspiration, painted in warm yellowish and copper colours. In claret and orange-red shades of natural baroque in the combination with brown and ochre. Red winter berries, chrysanthemums, roses of warm tones, bouquets from autumn flowers, fruits and leaves give rise to flower inspiration of the collection.

Houses are decorated with simple natural materials with a bit of glamour: thick velvet, dense satin, suede, copper, twisted blown glass, flock products, candles. In designs of table-cloths and curtains are checkered, with silhouettes of trees, leaves and fruits.

In gift wrapping of autumn and New Year's gifts in accordance with Shimmering Wood collection - finishing materials and accessories dominate: satiny and woven ribbons, cords, wooden accessories, dried fruit, skeleton leaves, immortelles, cones, mushrooms, feathers, decorative flowers and birds. Wrapping materials – Mulberry, felt, Kraft. Charms and souvenir toys help create the image of a family holiday.

Plyasova Elena

To be continued …

P.S. Ask our managers for video-presentation of the collections