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COMPANY NEWS. Autumn-Winter 2008 collections! Part 4. CHRISTMAS ESSENTIALS.

14 Августа 2008
Today we are representing the fourth collection of the season Autumn-Winter 2008, that carries us away into the fantastic world of a cosy family holiday - Christmas. It is called this way - CHRISTMAS ESSENTIALS.
In the light of the blue moon
Stars are sparkling
And dreams are flying away
Towards the midnight
Between green spinules
Lights are smiling
Under a Christmas tree
Miracles are awaited … 
Christmas Essentials collection is simple, traditional, cheerful, with elements of European folklore. It infects with Christmas spirit and lights up with the illumination of a kind holiday, it is full of miracle expectations, fulfillment of desires … It is a dare picture of family happiness: a crackling fireplace, candles on a table, a Christmas tree, dresses, handmade presents by our own hands, smiles and laughter …
The traditional colours of white, red and green are added by joyful folklore: dark blue, pink and yellow. The flowers are also typical for Christmas: hellebore, amaryllis, euphorbia. The materials are simple: wood, ribbons, paper, ceramics, cords, glass – all for handmade creativity and children's imagination. Pictures on presents, clothes and ornaments are fresh and playful: hearts, check, strips, polka dot, elements of the Norwegian ornaments. Forms are defined by Christmas typical iconography and look simple and merry.
In Christmas Essentials collection gift wrapping uses a lot of decorative materials and accessories. Satin and lacy ribbons, with traditional Christmas check, wooden decoration, toys and accessories, beads, snowflakes from bugles. The forms of bows are childish, simple, small, graceful. There is a lot of felt and felt is in the most various variants – gift socks, wrapping materials, garlands and ribbons. Mulberry paper, metal polypropylene bags, lacy boxes, feathery and fur ribbons – that all are for the holiday, kind and holy. 
Elena Plyasova