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COMPANY NEWS. Autumn-Winter 2008 collections! Part 3. AFTER COLOUR "B"

13 Августа 2008
Today, on the day of mourning when our company grieves together with the whole country. We protest against violence, genocide, the infringements of rights and sovereignty by all our deeds that are directed to the improvement of mutual relations between peoples. Confrontation is not a civilized method of solving problems. We are against killing guiltless, peaceful people. We urge everyone to rally against aggression and cruelty and be stronger. Let's live and create kindness, every day prove, that the life will win all the worst anyway.
And again, today is the third day of our looking forward to the future in breathless suspense. Now the next collection of the season Autumn-Winter 2008 AFTER COLOUR "B" is revealing its secrets.
I not black
And not white,
Neither bad, nor good.
And, unfortunately, not grey:
Grey is very sophisticated.
To absorb, reflecting in equal proportions,
I cannot always do that – not my option!
Having shaken to the right,
Having shaken to the left,
By bright colourful chalk
I make an emphasis
On amazing grey.
Elegant, with fine taste of style, conceptual collection AFTER COLOUR "B" amazes with a harmonious combination of the soft colors of grey shades and strong bright accents. It attracts by fine simplicity of materials and naturalness of their structures. Young, warm, it warms as a fluffy knitted sweater in a cold day and charges with energy, as a mug of hot grog.
AFTER COLOUR "B" collection uses intensively painted flowers, as brilliant addition to a grey background. It prefers natural organic forms, without symmetry, reminding the form of seeds and fruits. In such a scheme patterns play supporting part and if they are used, then mainly, of natural structure with thin graceful lines in no more than two colours.
In gift wrapping the basic wrapping and decorative materials are felt, Mulberry. Monophonic glossy paper with or without patterns of grey shades stands in this line too. The accessories are bright, unforgettable: fur, decorative "clips", satin ribbons, stylish soft toys and trinkets – all that favorably underlines the essence and refined depth of the grey.
Elena Plyasova